Dynam Skybus from Nitro Planes
This Should be Your First Electric Twin

By Steven Rhisner

es, I do believe that this Dynam Skybus from Nitro Planes
should be your first twin and for a number of reasons. Its size of 58-inch wing span means that it is a better flying airplane than most little “flit-abouts”.  It is especially light for its size, only 2 pounds AUW. It’s foam–easy and quick to repair.  And it has been around long enough to have proven itself in the hands of hundreds of modelers–most of whom are willing to testify to its excellent flight qualities.
Wiring Twins
But perhaps more important,  you can learn a lot from its unique design features before moving on to more advanced twins, or attempting a glow power conversion, especially when it comes to the unusual problems involved in the  wiring of twins. In that regard, we are saving much of the wiring information for a special page at the end of this review. This page will also be listed in our “How to Wire
Twins”  section on our Contents Page.
There are some scale purists  who will fret over the fact that it is really a DC-3 and not a Skybus. So ok, it comes all in pure white, so they can paint or cover it any way they want. We used the stick-on decals that came with  the kit, and we like the way it looks.
We acquired the RTF (ready to fly) version that comes with everything you see listed in the blue box on this page.  The motors, servos, control horns and connector come already installed;  however,  you do have to glue the wing panels together and stick on the tail feathers. It took us less than two hours from out-of-the-box to ready-to-fly.
The 14-page manual is better than most, so we are not going to bore you with a step-by-step build. We will just touch on a few places that might make things go a bit smoother for you. The first is: “How do you get that
battery hatch off?”  See photos on next page. Even the guys at Nitro Planes were a bit puzzled by it when they first got the kit in stock.
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Distributor’s Supplied
(See Bench Test at End of Review)

Wingspan: 1470mm (58 inches)
Flying Weight: 1200G (2 lbs)
Twin Brushless Motors (KV 1100)
Two 30amp ESCs.
Four 9g Servos.
Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh 12C
Transmitter: Dynam, 4 channel,


2.4 GHZ

Receiver: Dynam, 7 channel.